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       The products that we carry are used daily for a number of renewable energy applications: To supply on-grid and off-grid solar and wind systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications and the accessories for these systems. To provide portable power applications for emergency response systems, marine, RV, and backpacking, cell phones, PDAs, laptops, & small appliances. To supply water pumps, water heating, venting, lighting, and appliances to maximize the efficiency and number of possible renewable energy applications for any property owner. These products are for sale on our products page.

Are Most Exciting Venture; is here and in manufacturing stage for product ready by Fall of 2008.
Solar Emergency Response Systems (SERS)
    We also have projects working on emergency response systems for temporary energy supply or disaster equipment. Then a project in building stand alone energy systems with solar, geothermal, solar thermal, and wind generation for homes and businesses. We do not contract out we invest in property and build to our specifications and sell for profit. If interested see our investments packages on the investment page.

   Hydrogen economy is in the future or maybe new concepts. The concept of a hydrogen economy has stalled,yet I believe it is not dead, maybe it is just waiting for new ideas, new technologies, new breakthroughs - thus renewed interest - to push it forward. Maybe our company will make the break through.The hydrogen economy means running our cars and houses (mostly our cars) on the clean fuel and carrier of energy. Hydrogen fuel cells work perfectly well, yet they are waaaaay to expensive, and certainly hydrogen can be used as a fuel in internal combustion engines: BMW has a fleet hydrogen fueled sedans. The real stagnation point is in the generation, transportation and storage of the lighter-than-air-gas, the hydrogen infrastructure. Problem is where do you refuel?
   Even if the cost of building a hydrogen generation and distribution infrastructure could be magically paid for, there is still, the issue of on board vehicle tanks for pressurized or frozen, liquid fuel. Both technologies are a little finicky to be put into the hands of the general public. We are researching the possibilities. I think there are great possibilities in new technologies on this. We are also investigating and exploring cobalt magnet fuel molecule structure conversion.

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Solar Power Water Pump.
Solar Panels
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SERS Trailers

Coming soon
'Genesis 1'
A marvel that will knock the worlds socks off
North America’s Premier
Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry
Intersolar North America has developed into the premier platform for the solar industry in North America. Co-located with SEMICON West, the event focuses on photovoltaics and solar thermal technology and has quickly established itself among manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and service providers as a vital international industry meeting point. 

Technology Segments
  PV Cells and Modules
Components, Tracking & Mounting Systems
System Technologies & Inverters
Solar Thermal Technology
Wafers, Materials and Equipment
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Extensive Conference and Accompanying Programs
A detailed program overview of our conference is now available on our website. The extensive program informs visitors of the latest information –from state-of-the-art technologies to financial issues and the worldwide political framework conditions.
Early Bird Rates are available until June 4. 

Program Highlights:
PV Policy:
Market Support - Political Framework Conditions

PV Markets:
Market & Technology Outlook 

PV Technology:
Balance of Systems (BoS) -Innovative Concepts

PV Manufacturing:
PV Fab Managers Forum

Solar Heating & Cooling:
The Policy & Marketing Vision

ST Power Plants:
Technical Innovations & Market Developments

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We are currently believing and waiting on God to open the doors to start manufacturing our SERS Trailers.
    SERS (solar emergency response systems), solar thermal collectors, and solar air conditioning systems which works on a cascade concept and systems working on absorption concepts. With Solar & Wind Energy we value long-term, shared partnerships with interested like people, which range from home, residents, to commercial, and industrial affiliates. We provide dedicated staff service and educate you on all of our product lines and investments and/or projects.
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